Thursday, June 30, 2016

Calm Breeze (6/30/16)

Hiya fellow introverts.

 I really hope you all are doing well, especially with the amount of recent losses we've all endured. I've been stuck in my own mind, trying to wrap my thoughts around the various attacks we as an entire population have witnessed. It pains me to see such violence occurring all over the world, from wars to terrorist attacks and everything in-between. 

I personally try my best to stand against it, and do all I can as an active (or not so active) member of society to change current situations. If you have lost, or known anyone lost from the Pulse Shooting, current events in Turkey, or any other form of violence/hate crimes I implore to speak out and stand strong.
On another note, I've recently been accepted to blog for {Dreamful}, a new event within our virtual community. It's about all things dreamy, cute and fun. It offers a wide variety of sponsors/designers from TD/Kid to adult. The event itself, is very family friendly. You can find more information here.


Head: (Fiore) / .: fiore :. Angeled Mesh Head (NoBlink/LashBrowSoft)

Skin: Custom work (not for sale)

Body: (Maitreya) / Mesh Body - Lara

Pose: (EDEN) / - Neve - 2  -New- @{Dreamful}

Shape: ( {.Honey.} ) / ~ Lillith Shape ~ -New- @{Dreamful}

Hair: (NANI) / Dahlia.Hair (Fatpack) -New- @{Dreamful}

Septum: (LOTUS) / Daisy Septum (Silver) -New- @{Dreamful}

Earring: (LOTUS) / Daisy Earring (Silver) -New- @{Dreamful}

Choker: (tenshi.) / XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black]
Top: (.miss chelsea.) / Mali Kimono Classics Pack (Steel) -New- @Uber

Pants: (paper.arrow) / linen.trousers black [m.lara] -New- @Uber

Sandals: ( / fri. - Cleo.Sandals (Coal) -New- @Summerfest

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hidden (5/5/16)

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Hello, my fellow introverts.

Yet again, another week has gone by and I'm rather excited to share this post with everyone. It took me a few days to prepare myself mentally for this, but now I'm certain I can get my point across. Usually, if I know what I 'want' to say, I can type it out.

This photo features the Tara mesh head by Genesis Laboratory, using the tear Kiara skin and a Vile Cult limited edition nose bleed tattoo. I feel it perfectly represent's a woman (or man) at war within their own relationship/friendship with an abusive other. I feel strongly about it's intent to stand wounded, and not shy from things that may scare you. Nobody deserves to be abused, physically or mentally.

Love is not blood from the fists that 'love you' or razor blade words from the lips you kiss goodnight. It's sweet and indescribable. It's a fireplace on that bitter, winters night. Or the feeling of soft touches against, gentle skin. Love is not broken glass or pitchfork townspeople. It's something priceless and unreplaceable. If you're hurting, don't hide it from the unsuspecting. Speak up. Save yourself and anyone else around you. I want love, to be lovely again. Let's see what I'm wearing.


Face: (GL) / Genesis_Head_Tara_2.0

Skin: (GL) / Kiara Tear Skin CREAM

Glasses: (Adi's) / Papa's Glasses (FREE)

Nose Bleed: (V.C.) / .{VileCult}. Genesis Blood Right (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Body: (Maitreya) / Mesh Body - Lara

Hair: (MINA) / MINA Hair - Bridget 

Dress: (Kitja) / KITJA - Rebeca Sweatdress GREY FM (Maiteya L.)

Tied Shirt: (Kitja) / KITJA - Rebeca Waist Shirt BLUE FM

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hermit's Hiatus 4/28/16

Hello, my fellow introverts. 

I'm back from a 'semi' short hiatus. It was undoubtedly a lack of inspiration on my part and for that, I truly apologize. However, I'm super glad to be back online and showcasing my photos again. I do hope to keep a better schedule and  balance my time better. I recently got hired by rezology hair as a 'blogging/social media' manger. It's a super fun job and I love meeting all the new, like-minded bloggers in our virtual world. If you know me personally, you'd also know that I was hired by Genesis Laboratory a little over two months ago. I manage group-chat and help people all day (when online of course). It's super great, and I adore spreading kindness to others. I just thought I'd give you all a short update on my second-life since my last post, so with that please enjoy the following:


Face: (GL) / 01 Genesis_Head_Rina_2.0 ULTRARARE . (gacha)

Eyes: (Black Plume) / Custom Eyes (not for sale) 

Body: (Maitreya) / Mesh Body - Lara

Hair: (rezology) / rezology Immorlare (mesh hair) 

Ears: (MANDALA) / Unisex Steking_Ears_Season 5

Necklace: (LUXE.) / Vale Necklace Silver

Arm Chain: (Blueberry) / #25 Blueberry - Arm Chain - Silver (gacha) @ Epiphany

Top: (-tres blah-) / Mia Cami - Roses @ Uber

Monday, April 4, 2016

Bubbled Identity (4/4/16)

Hello, my fellow 'introverts'! It's been more than a week, I know and for that I'm sorry. Real Life struck down on me with an unforgivable curse, (bronchitis) and increased anxiety. I'm back now, and giving you all a brand new post to look at. 

It's not really an LOTD (Look of The Day) post, so don't expect taxis to this or that. It's more of an artistic piece I envisioned while entering a photo contest. The goal of the photo contest was to show off the new Mhysa hair from Rezology while keeping an artistic view. 

If you hadn't known, this hair was inspired by a book trilogy and show (Game Of Thrones.) As you can imagine, I've seen a few entries to the contest with the same Dragon/Medieval theme. I wanted to branch from this and make it something different, something.. 'me'. 

A few different poses, and outfit changes later I found exactly what I wanted. It showcases the hair rather beautifully while still giving a great view of the scenery and great graphics. I'm wearing a plum coloured dress from Pixicat and tights from the Hentai Fair (2016). The mask was under the large Christmas Tree during the December 2015 round of 'The Arcade Gacha Event' which I frequently showcase. 

Communication and speaking do often go hand-and-hand but it's not always the only way. In this era we have texting, emailing and even sign language as different forms of communication. For some, however, it isn't exactly their choice to communicate this way. Some are born or develop some sort of hearing loss or speech impairments. This makes it very important to understand not all communication types are universal among us all. 

Keep a kind heart, and a kinder cup of coffee (that was dumb). xoxo 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sunny Saturday (3/19/16)

Hello my fellow 'introverts'. I hope you all had an amazing week without drunken texts or fights on the seventeenth. Although I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I did partake in literally pinching the shit out of my brothers. 

While most of you were out partying or having a lovely meal, I was huddled in my room under a gigantic blanket with a box of wheat-thins, large butterbeer latte and Netflix. They don't call me 'Caffeinated Introvert' for no reason..

This week I hurried around from a few different events, trying my hardest to find something artistic and different to share with you all. I wanted art, not something you've seen before. I however had a bad case of inspirational drought, and didn't fulfill exactly what I wanted. 

This photo is however something special to me. The beauty of one is not defined in the amount of skin they show, or the makeup they wear. It's something that should be seen from the eyes of one-another, from the inside of their souls. 

I happen to adore grassy areas, with running water and droplets of water falling from the tall hanging branches of leaves. It makes me feel surrounded, but totally alone. Peaceful. It is mid-March now and I kinda don't want to say goodbye to all the snow just yet, but it's happening whether I like it or not. The sun is shining, and birds are chirping this Saturday. I feel good, and I hope you do as well. The outfit I'm wearing is showcasing a lovely dress from Tetra, and handbag from the 50's round of Tres Chic. You can find the hair at The Arcade Gacha Event and tiara at Collabor88 this round. 

In our current world situation, it's sad to see someone lose any of their senses. It can cause mental illness and plenty of dangerous situations in everyday life. I myself will do everything I can to save the people of our Earth from the negative effects of blindness and malnutrition. I highly suggest you do the same! The below link will direct you to their website. Please, if possible show them support for all they do.

International Eye Foundation - Saving sight worldwide since 1961

"The purity of our hearts can be dissolved in the simplest of words." -A.J.M.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Unseen Clarity (3/11/16)

Hello my fellow 'introverts'. Welcome back to my world, the little corner on the internet where I take it upon myself to express my identity in both lives. Last week I offered a look that I found to be rather gorgeous. It featured myself (duh) in Pixicat's new gacha dress from the March round of The Arcade Gacha Event. I suggest anyone who hasn't seen it to bring a few L's to the Arcade and play for one. I don't regret it.

This week I wanted to do something a little different. This isn't a LookBook, nor am I advertising anything in the above picture. Sometimes when we get ahead of ourselves, we forget to remember the simple gifts we've been given. 

Our eyes keep us inspired, as do our ears and mouths (etc). Blindness doesn't mean lack of creativity, nor does it define anyone. As someone may lose the ability to see physical beauty around them, it doesn't ever leave them. I did some researching and I found a charity online that happens to work all over the world with people who suffer from blindness and things alike. They try their best to prevent malnutrition and blindness itself. 

In our current world situation, it's sad to see someone lose any of their senses. It can cause mental illness and plenty of dangerous situations in everyday life. I myself will do everything I can to save the people of our Earth from the negative effects of blindness and malnutrition. I highly suggest you do the same! The below link will direct you to their website. Please, if possible show them support for all they do. 

The photos I have offered today are artistically showing the beauty around blindness. We may not see it with our own eyes, but it's certainly here. 

International Eye Foundation  Saving sight worldwide since 1961

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The River Sings (LB. 02)

Hello my fellow 'introverts'. It's been about a week since I last posted here, and it's given me the time to decide what I actually wanted to share with you all. Before I get to that however, I thought I'd share with you that my first blog post had about 100 views within the first few hours after posting it! That's rather insane for a first ever blog post in my opinion, but I'm not complaining! This not only boosted my self esteem by like 10,000, but it gave me the courage to continue. So thank you everyone!

Now onto today's post. Today I decided to wear a simple 'gender neutral' colored outfit. It features a new dress from 'The Arcade Gacha Event' that I totally live for. It's obviously a little revealing, but I feel like it could definitely be dressed up or down depending on what you choose to pair it with. I decided on a simple booted heel with a small messy bun for a hairstyle. It's totally cute, and worth a purchase.

I also found a few poses from a store I ADORE that I'll probably continue to feature in my posts. Since it's seeming to come as a schedule, I'll be posting once a week for you all, though if enough interest is expressed and I am able to do so, I could probably try for more. I'll of course give you all the hook-up below to find everything I'm wearing and exactly where these photos were taken. Enjoy!


Body - Maitreya / Mesh Body - Lara

Hair - +elua+ / Kira_Ombre Basic [fitted] / Kustom9 /

Face - LOGO / Alex v3.0 Omega Mesh Face

Skin - L'Etre / Gwen Skin [Cotton Tone]

Dress - -Pixicat- / Karma.Dress nr2 - Black (Gacha item)

Nails - [ S H O C K ] / MAITREYA - Monochrome Dark Nails

Heels - Baiastice / Kiki Booties-Black-Maitreya

Pose - PURPLE POSES / Grace 05

Location - JOMO